Current performing and visual arts

The performing and visual arts are particular focus areas for us at the Bikuben Foundation. Within these areas, we work to create new opportunities for professional artists and cultural institutions
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Our work is rooted in our strong confidence in the importance of art. Art does not necessarily have to be 'useful', to serve any particular purpose. Rather, we believe that art can prompt each of us to reflect on our own life and world, encouraging new insights. Art offers sensory experiences, it can tell stories or invite discussion. Art does not serve just one purpose, but many. We want to support the wealth of ideas and high-quality creativity found on the art scene, to nurture experimentation and innovation and to pave the way for artistic development within the performing and visual arts. We do this in many ways, for example by supporting innovative shows, exhibitions and special presentations, and through dissemination, communication and development efforts within the two areas.

A proactive approach

We don’t just provide financial support – we also take proactive action by launching studies and initiatives in areas where we see that the fields of performing arts or visual arts could be strengthened, either in general or in specific aspects. We place emphasis on the importance of collaboration and partner with e.g., cultural institutions, local authorities, private entities, and other foundations to create space for artistic developments and new opportunities on the professional art scene.

Below, you can see examples of some of the major initiatives and special focus areas we are working with at the moment. You can also find information about our scheduled application processes within the fields of performing arts and visual arts.

What qualifies as current performing and visual arts?

For our purposes, 'current' performing and visual arts incorporate all arts that are presented and placed within a context of contemporary relevance. This is to say that we also regard historical visual arts and classic examples of the performing arts as 'current' if they are presented, communicated or produced with contemporary life and relevance in mind.  

Fokusområder på kunstområdet
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Herunder kan du se de større indsatser og særlige fokusområder, vi arbejder med i øjeblikket, samt vores faste ansøgningsrunder inden for scenekunst og billedkunst.

Frequently asked questions

What criteria are particularly important to you when assessing applications?

Generally speaking, we are interested in creating scope and space for experimentation and innovation within the professional performing arts and visual arts. We wish to nurture potentials within the field and are interested in how new formats, structures, settings, frameworks or collaborations can resolve challenges within the two fields.

Does the Bikuben Foundation offer funding to individuals?

In the main, we do not fund individuals in the form of grants, etc. Nevertheless, individuals are welcome to approach us with great, innovative ideas. Note, however, that you must have a CVR number (VAT number) in order to submit applications via our system. The only exception is our studio programme (Read more).

Do you support initiatives within the field of cultural history?

No. The Bikuben Foundation used to offer funding within the field of cultural history, but we no longer do so.

Do you support the production of individual works of art?

As far as the visual arts are concerned, we support the presentation and dissemination of art, but not the production of actual works of art in themselves. Within the field of performing arts, we support the development of new plays as well as stage productions.

What defines the Bikuben Foundation's evaluation procedure?

The core principle of our evaluation practice is that not necessarily everything must be subjected to evaluation. We continuously assess which initiatives to evaluate. Any evaluation should contribute to knowledge and learning – with respect to the Bikuben Foundation, the organisation behind the initiative and the overall field. This also means that our evaluations will all be published.

How to open a
dialogue with us

We would very much like to hear from you if you have innovative ideas, knowledge, insights or input to share that fall within the Bikuben Foundation’s fields of particular interest. Send us a brief email, and we’ll let you know whether a meeting or an official application would be relevant for you.